Ussangoda is proclaimed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka and it offers you the chance to have a leisurely day, perhaps with a picnic basket enjoying the breathtaking views of the clear Indian Ocean.


Ussangoda is situated in located on the Colombo – Kataragama road near Ambalantota – Nonagama junction in Hambantota District, Sri Lanka. It is a nature reserve and is covered with grass and a few pockets of pigmy forests and is bordering the Kalametiya Wild Life Sanctuary and the Indian Ocean.  The place has become very popular due to its unusual placement by soil structure, flora and location. It is said that the place has been hit by an ancient meteor as it explains the strange anomaly in the area.


The history of Ussangoda area dates back to Rama-Ravana era. The popular Indian legend of Rama, Seetha & Ravana has a significant relationship with this picturesque highland located by the Ocean. While historians and archaeologists have named this as an archaeological site, some scientists claim that red-soiled Greenland was formed by a clash of a huge asteroid.


It is said that Ussangoda earth is rich with minerals like Nickel and some of the ingredients have the possibility to attract magnets. Due to the Martian look in the ground, it looks like part of planet Mars. Due to the speciality of the land, no other plants and trees can be grown. Although further scientific examinations are to be carried out in this area.


The empty plains of Ussangoda are boarded with the ocean and have nice cliffs that drop off onto the beach and a summit of hard red covers about an area around 1 square kilometre.


Overall this will be a fun and easy excursion. Swimming in this largely isolated beach could be a perfect choice on a calmer day.