Madunagala Hot Water Wells is situated between the paddy fields between Sooriyawewa and Ridiyagama. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in south Sri Lanka. Madunagala is also famous for it’s Buddhist Hermitage. The hot springs is indeed a wonderful creation of mother nature.


There are around 10 hot water springs in Sri Lanka and most of the springs are situated in the Eastern Province.


These hot springs flow into a natural waterhole constructed from stone tanks and basins. The Hot Water Spring has been well built in the recent past. The hot water is bubbled into the ponds and mixes with water. The warm water is flown smoothly into the surrounding basins where visitors can enjoy the soothing waters.


The local folk believe that this well has cured an incurable skin rash of a group of 12,000 Buddhist monks of a nearby temple during the 5th Century BC. Since then, the wells have been preserved and still believed to have healing powers to cure ailments such as skin eruptions, other rheumatic pains and other eye diseases.


Four wells have been built by man and it surrounds the main spring with varying degrees of temperatures. Although the actual hot spring is the small tank which is located in the centre. They are quite extensive and well-kept. But you cannot fully immerse in the hot water treatment. Instead, you have to scoop water from the buckets and pour by yourself.


Near the wells, there is a play area, mini zoo and an aquarium built for children.


On a picturesque huge boulder, there is a temple and the place is covered by the jungle. You can see several caves which were inhabited by monks in ancient times. There are also several pools with clear water for the monks. There are some wild animals like elephants, bears, deer and many more varieties in the surrounding forest area.