Kataragama is a multi-religious city as it is a sacred place for various religious people such as Buddhists, Hindu as well as indigenous Vedda people in Sri Lanka. Even people from South India also visit this place to worship. This pilgrimage town is Monaragala District of Uva Province, 19 km inland from Tissamaharamaya. It is a small town which has clean tree-lined roads along with rows of stalls selling garlands & platters of fruit-coconut, mango and watermelon.


The Kataragama pilgrimage is as popular as Adam’s Peak as it attracts not only Sinhalese Buddhists and Hindu Tamils but also by Muslims and Christians. The town has a shrine dedicated to Kataragama Deiyo called Kataragama temple.


The monks of the temple square measure referred to as Kapuralas and square measure believed to be descended from Vedda folks. Veddas, too, have a claim on the temple, a close-by top and neighbourhood through a variety of legends. there’s a place of worship and some tombs of Muslim pious men buried near.


The annual procession is been held in the months of July or August and it is the main event of the shrine with fire walkers, Kawadi dancers and various modes of self-mutilation like flesh hooks, walking on burning coals and piercing one’s cheeks and tongue with skewers.


Simply, the important places you can visit in Kataragama are Sella Kataragama, Kiriwehera Temple, Kataragama Maha Devale and Kataragama Museum.


The entire temple advanced was declared a topographic point by the govt of the country within the 1950s; since then political leaders have contributed for its maintenance and maintenance.


Kataragama is an ordinarily sleepy-eyed village that utterly transforms each evening once a riotous spectacle of colour, fire, music and worship gets afoot. You have to walk to the temples as vehicles cannot approach after the gate. Simply saying, Kataragama will give you a unique look into a fascinating bit of culture.