A visit to the Hummanaya also gives you an opportunity to take a dip in the Sea and a day of Leisure at the glorious Tangalle beach. Hummanaya Blowhole is the only known blowhole in Sri Lanka. Located close to the village by the sea of Kudawella in Southern Province, it is reputed to as the 2nd largest blowhole in the world. Since a strong humming sound is produced while being active, the place has been given the current name of “Hummanaya”. The place is also known as Kudawella Blow Hole and Hoo Manaya.  This magnificent creation of nature can shoot up to a height between 25 to 30 metres. During the high tide or a storm, the spray can reach between an eighty and a hundred feet tall.


A blowhole is known as a natural geological formation of nature that is mostly found along coastal regions. It is a natural crack in the rocks and when the winds blow in the right direction, the sea water shoots up the cliff and into the air.  Technically the timing and the height of water fountains from these blowholes are dependable on the tides and wave formations.


To get to this wonderful place, you have to pass the Matara town and after Dickwella, you should turn right at Kudawella and proceed about 1.1 km. From there, you will have to walk up for 20 minutes on the recently built shallow steps to get to the spot. It is a great natural fountain that sprays up into the air from in between two large rocks. Even from the distance, the sound of “Hoo” can be heard.


The beach surroundings are very beautiful and you can check many rock pools with colourful fish swimming among the green seaweed. The visit to this nature’s creation will certainly live up expectations.