Top 22 Attractions in Hambantota District.

The city of Hambantota is one of the top tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The area had been a capital city in ancient times. Since the end of the Civil War, thousands of visitors have been visiting Hambantota each year.

There are many amazing places near Hambantota. It gives you the chance to explore the true beauty on the south side of Sri Lanka. Take a look at the wonderful places that you must visit.

Attractions in Hambantota

Yala National Park

Yala National Park Entrance

Yala National Park is the second largest and most visited national park in Sri Lanka. Located 60 km east to Hambantota, Yala got declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900. In 1938, it got upgraded as a national park.

In the park, you can check out for many types of animals. You can spot out elephants, sloth bears, deer, wild buffaloes, wild boars and leopards. Near the tanks, the tourists can see crocodiles. Yala National Park is a must visit for a nature lover as it has the highest leopard density in the world.

Bird lovers can witness beautiful birds in Yala National Park. Around 215 species of birds live in the park. Out of them, seven are endemic to the island. A total of 90 species of waterbirds inhabit in Yala wetlands.

The best time to visit the park is during the months of June to September. The park is open to the general public from 6 am to 6 pm.

Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park one of the best places to visit for the bird lovers. Situated 77 km east to Hambantota, the park boards next to Yala National Park.

The park is one of the most important bird nesting and breeding grounds on the island. There are about 20 lagoons and tanks that support the diverse birdlife of the park. There are 255 species of birds found in the park. Thousands of birds migrate to the swamp area of the park from April to July. Other than birds, there are mammals, reptiles residing in the park.

The best time to visit the park in February and July, where it is the dry season. It is easy to witness the animals in the less dense vegetation.

Wirawila Bird Sanctuary

Southwest from the Yala National Park lies Wirawila National Park. Located 27 km east to Hambantota, the park has an elevation of 20 meters above sea level.

The park is a wetland. Due to the presence of Wirawila Tank and Tissa Tank, lots of aquatic and jungle birds migrate to the park. Some of the waterbirds include Lesser Flamingo, Spoonbill, Painted Stork, Pelican, etc.

Wirawila is a Bird Sanctuary. If you are a bird lover, it is an important place to visit. Morning time is usually the best time to check the beautiful birds. It is a nice place for true nature lovers.

Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park is the best spot for bird watching. The park is in 15 km east to Hambantota town. The government declared the park as a wildlife sanctuary in 1969. The park got upgraded as a National Park in 1993.

Bundala park consists of six different wetlands. As a result, there are 200 bird species and 58 of them are migratory birds. Brown-capped Babbler, Ceylon Woodshrike and Ceylon Junglefowl are endemic birds in the park. You can also check some mammals, reptiles and large amphibians in the park.

The ideal time to watch birds in Bundala is from September to March. During this time lots of migratory birds come to the park.

Lunugamvehera National Park

Lunugamvehera National Park was established as a national park in the year 1995. The Lunugamvehera reservoir is also situated in the park. The park serves as a path for the elephants to migrate between Udawalawe and Yala National park. It may take one hour to reach the park from Hambantota. The park was closed due to the civil war. In 2005, it got opened for the general public.

The national park consists of the rich biodiversity of fauna and flora. Several species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals inhabit within the park. The park is especially favourable for the elephants.

Mirijjawila Botanical Garden

There are five botanical gardens in Sri Lanka. Mirijjawila  Botanical Garden is one of them. Finding this botanical garden is not difficult. The Mattala Airport is on the left side and Hambantota Harbour is on the right side. Created in the year 2013, the total area of the garden is about 300 acres.

This botanical garden preserves flora in the dry zone. The garden improves the dry zone landscape, promotes ecotourism and medical herbs. The park also preserves the plants of the dry and arid zone.

The garden is open to the general public throughout the year. For a nature lover, this is a great spot to explore.

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

If you love watching birds, Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary is a cool place to visit. This Bird Sanctuary first became a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1938 and again in 1984.

Located 30 km west to Hambantota, there are lots of species of birds visiting the park. More than 150 bird species visit the park each year and 54 of them are migratory birds. There are 20 species of mammals, 41 species of fish as well as 38 species of reptiles in the park.

The sanctuary consists of a mangrove lagoon which is very close to the beach. As a result, visitors can witness gorgeous scenic beauty surrounding the park.

Hambantota Lighthouse

Hambantota Lighthouse is an old lighthouse established in the year 1913. The round masonry tower is 43 ft in height and has a lantern and a gallery.  Another tower called Martello Tower adjoins the lighthouse.

The tower is built with rocks. The body of the tower gives a look of black and white spiral paint.

The Hambantota Lighthouse was operational till 1970. But now it is in an abandoned state.  Although it got restored in 2013. The lighthouse lies in front of the government’s Hambantota Rest house entrance.

Turtle Watch Rekawa Hambantota

Located about 40 km west to Hambantota, Rekawa is a coastal water body. It is an important sea turtle nesting sites in Sri Lanka. The lagoon is rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna. A nature lover should visit this place.

Sea Turtles like  Leatherback, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley and Green turtles lay eggs here. These sea turtles are very rare and listed as endangered species.

The most ideal time to check out the turtles is during the months of January and April. It is easy to witness the turtles with full moonlight day. Visitors can check the turtles every evening between 8.30pm to 11.30pm.


Hummanaya or Blowhole in Tangalle beach is the only blowhole in Sri Lanka. Situated 56 km west to Hambantota, it is the 2nd largest blowhole in the world.

The current name of the blowhole is “Hummanaya” because we can hear a strong humming sound when it is active.  Other names given to this place are Hoo Manaya and Kudawella Blowhole. The spray can reach up to 100 feet tall during the high tide. Even from a distance, we can hear the sound of “Hoo”.

The surrounding of the beach is very beautiful. There are many rock pools with fish swimming around green seaweed. Nature lovers should visit this wonderful creation of mother nature.

Madunagala Hot Springs

There are around 10 hot water springs in Sri Lanka and most of the springs are in the Eastern Province. It is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

Madunagala Hot Spring is a wonderful creation of mother nature. Situated about 32 km north to Hambantota, the hot spring is close to Madunagala Sanctuary. Warm water is flown to the surrounding basins and visitors can enjoy the soothing water. The actual hot spring is a small tank in the centre.

There is a play area, aquarium and mini zoo near the hot spring. There are wild animals like elephants, bears, deer and more in the surrounding forest.

Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Ground

Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Ground is in Sooriyawewa which is located 30 km north from Hambantota.  Built in 2011, the stadium provides capacity for 35,000 people. It is the second largest cricket stadium in Sri Lanka and is the third floodlit International Cricket Stadium.

Domestic and International cricket matches were being played in this ground.  Matches for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 and 2012 ICC World Twenty20 editions were played in this ground.

You can check out for a breathtaking panorama of mountains, lakes and jungle from the grandstand of this International Cricket Stadium.

Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port

Sri Lanka is an island located in the Indian Ocean. Since ancient times, the island became an important place for International trade. There are international ports in the country. Hambantota Port is one such port.

Hambantota Port, also known as Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port is situated near Hambantota town. It is a maritime port which got opened in 2010.  The port was named after Mahinda Rajapakse, the former President of Sri Lanka and the port is maintained by Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

The construction activities for this port was started in 2008. After Colombo port, Hambantota Port will be the largest port in Sri Lanka.

Magampura Ruhunu Heritage Museum

Magampura Ruhunu Heritage Museum is a special historic building situated near Hambantota city.  The building used for this museum was established for the secretariat of Leonard Woolf.

The museum reflects the culture and natural heritage in the region of Ruhuna. It has a collection of models, artefacts, pictures and paintings that reflect the history in southern Sri Lanka.

The face statues and various details about the famous people from the south in the fields of social, political, arts and science can be seen in the museum. The museum is a great use for any person who is willing to gain knowledge about the history of Sri Lanka.

Agro Technology Park

Agro-Technology park is located in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. You can visit here and enjoy your holidays with your family and friends. You can check out new and old agricultural technologies there. You can see Floro culture garden, Dry zone home garden, Rainwater harvesting farm and Herbal garden and much more.

You can take a look at modern and old agricultural pieces of equipment, discover details about the evolution of paddy cultivation, banana cultivation and more. There is a Crop Museum at the park premises. Agro Technology Park has beautiful resting areas, a bathing vent and a bee-keeping unit which can relax your mind. You also can have Sri Lankan traditional food at Hela Bojun Hala. The food is prepared by nearest villages and served on the spot.

Agro Technology Park is open to the public from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm every day except Sundays.

Bandagiriya Raja Maha Viharaya

Bandaragiriya Raja Maha Viharaya is an ancient temple located in Hambantota. This Raja Maha Viharaya forms the highest point in Hambantota District. You can see the Hambantota International Airport from here. You can visit this wonderful place and enjoy your holidays.

The ancient temple premises which spread an area of 100 acres, is believed to be done by King Kawanthissa, in the 2nd century BC. You can also see a couple of ancient inscriptions here.

Bandagiriya provides quiet and natural surroundings for the visitors. It is a wonderful place filled with natural scenes to enjoy. You can also see the sunset here. The tank in Bandagiriya gives adds more beauty to the surrounding of this temple.

Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya

Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya is located on a rocky mountain, just next to the southern coast of Sri Lanka. A large parking area is provided to park your vehicles without any problem. You can have a good time climbing up to the temple premises.

You can visit the standing Buddha statue at the top of the stairway. At the entrance, the shrine room is found. On top of the premises, you can see the temple Stupa. Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya is located closer to the sea. You can visit this place and enjoy your holidays with your family and friends.

Yatala Wehera

Yatala vihara is located in Tissamaharama area in Hambantota. This temple was built over 2000 years ago by regional King Yatala Thissa. When you visit Yatala Vihara you can visit more beautiful and wonderful places like Tissa Wewa, Tissa Dagoba and Bundala bird paradise.

You also can go to visit leopard Safari and Elephant Safari and enjoy your holidays. Visiting the  Yala National Park will be a nice experience. It is a nice place to relax and see the best natural scenes.

Kataragama Rajamaha Viharaya

Kataragama Rajamaha Viharaya is a famous temple located in Kataragama. Many people from worldwide visit this place and enjoy their holidays.

There are many paths to reach Kataragama. You can take one of the paths like Kandy, Gampola, Nuwara Eliya, Welimada, Bandarawela, Ella, Wellawaya and Buttala.On your way to Kataragama, you can witness several waterfalls and mountains. You also can take beautiful photographs of natural scenes on the way.

This is a beautiful and cool place to visit and enjoy, especially nature lovers. You can come with your family and friends to visit this wonderful place and enjoy.

Walawe River

Walawe river is the longest river in Sri Lanka which initiates from Adam’s peak. The river meets the Indian Ocean at the coastal town of the Ambalantota. You can enjoy this cool place with your family and friends during the holidays.

You can enjoy boat riding and Walawe river Safari at Walawe river. While enjoying boat riding you also enjoy the rich biodiversity. There are 6 varieties of mangroves,52 fish species,72 bird species,38 plant varieties and 28 animal species within the Walawe river. There are trees that line the river that bats and cranes take shifts in inhabiting.

Ussangoda National Park

Ussangoda National Park is the newest and the 21st national park in Sri Lanka. You can see sea turtles in this park. This National Park has it’s own natural beauty and has many archaeological places in it. It’s unusual soil structure and flora will definitely attract everyone.

Ussangoda National Park is situated on Colombo – Kataragama road near Ambalantota -Nonagama junction in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. You can visit this place during your holidays and enjoy it.

Ridiyagama Safari Park

Ridiyagama Safari Park is located in Hambantota. You can see leopards, elephants and more herbivorous animals.

You can see the animals in their natural habitat. You can enjoy the safari and see all the beautiful natural scenes here. Its natural beauty, climate, the beach and magnificent waterfalls will attract tourists. Some animals from Dehiwala zoo are transferred to this safari park. There is an electronic fence to separate the African lions from the staff in the safari park.

This safari park will be expanded soon by new animals such as Bengal Tigers, leopards, sloth bears, Asian/African herbivores, cheetahs and reptiles. A Butterfly Garden will be built in the safari park. This park is a nice place to visit, especially for nature lovers. The park is open to the public from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm every day.


Sri Lanka is a beautiful island. The southern part of this island has a variety of interesting places. One such place is Hambantota. Exploring places near Hambantota will offer you a different kind of experience that will give a combined touch of nature, leisure and adventure. Hailed as the former city of Ruhuna Kings, Hambantota has become a developed city in the recent past. Take your time to reserve now at Peacock Beach Resort and Spa and explore the magnificent places in Southern Sri Lanka with more benefits. You will enjoy every moment of it.